Nature repair bill passes after Greens agree to deal

6 December

Land owners will be able to be paid to improve the environment on their properties after the Greens struck a deal with the government on its proposed nature repair market. Under the scheme, which passed the Senate on Tuesday, businesses and...[Read More]

Businesses slam workplace changes as bill clears House

30 November

Business and industry groups are urging the Albanese government to go back to the drawing board on industrial relations laws after they cleared their first hurdle. The laws, aimed at closing labour hire loopholes, went through the House of...[Read More]

Reserve Bank board shake up outlined in new laws

29 November

The next phase of a major shake up to the Reserve Bank of Australia has kicked off with Treasurer Jim Chalmers introducing changes to parliament. A dual-board set up is one of the major reform items, with the plan to have one for making interest...[Read More]

Government takes action on ‘help to buy’ housing laws

29 November

Thousands of Australians seeking to buy a home will soon get assistance with laws due to go to federal parliament. The “help to buy” laws to be introduced this week will support 40,000 eligible home buyers with an equity contribution of up to 40...[Read More]

Insurance coverage designed to keep families financially protected

23 November

Protecting one’s family is a vital aspect of parenting, and every parent has their own unique ideas about what it means to keep their loved ones safe. As a parent, you feel the need to protect and keep your children safe, especially in the early...[Read More]

Family law – separation and divorce

23 November

No matter how sincere and pure people’s intentions are when they utter their marriage vows and say ‘I do’, there comes a time in some marriages when the relationship irretrievably breaks down. In such cases, separation is usually inevitable...[Read More]

Navigating the Emotional and Financial Aspects of Inheriting Wealth

16 November

Inheriting wealth, while often a sign of a loved one’s thoughtfulness, also brings a mix of emotions and responsibilities. It’s a time that calls for both emotional support and practical financial planning. Taking the time to grieve and process...[Read More]

Make it law: young Australians want healthy environment

15 November

Young Australians overwhelmingly want the right to a healthy environment enshrined in law to keep pace with standards overseas. Nine out of 10 people aged 13 to 24 think they have a right to a healthy environment, with three in four believing the...[Read More]

Top 5 reasons to have legal representation

9 November

Most people don’t think they need a lawyer until they find themselves in a situation where legal advice is crucial. However, upon closer examination, there are numerous instances in life where seeking the expertise of a lawyer can make all the...[Read More]

Mixed response to consultation on new laws for nature

1 November

There’s no sign yet that Australia’s new environment laws will account for the threat climate change poses to nature, a conservation group says. The federal government has started consulting stakeholders on its once-in-a-generation rewrite of...[Read More]

How you can help your child with buying their first home

12 October

In today’s economic climate, it’s increasingly common to help your child with their first home. In this article, we’re going to look at three options to help you do this. Why not take a look at the pros and cons of each and choose the one...[Read More]

Government defends misinformation laws exemption

25 October

Proposed new laws cracking down on misinformation should not cover government messages because of the impact on disaster alerts, an inquiry has been told. The Albanese government is sifting through thousands of comments and submissions on draft laws...[Read More]

High Court rules against state electric vehicle charges

25 October

Australian motorists cannot lawfully be taxed by states for driving electric and hybrid vehicles. The High Court on Wednesday ruled on a case involving Victoria’s road user tax on low-emission vehicles, launched by two electric vehicle drivers in...[Read More]

Ask yourself these 5 things before buying life insurance

19 October

Like any other insurance policy, life insurance has many variations to meet different users’ needs. Thus, before choosing one, you must determine what you need in a life insurance policy. The best way to determine the best policy is by evaluating...[Read More]

First female chief justice farewelled as ‘leader’

18 October

Australia’s first female chief justice has been recognised as a national leader and trailblazer for women in law, as the High Court bade her farewell. After a six-year term as the 13th chief justice and 16 years serving the nation’s top court,...[Read More]