Top End urged to harness the sun and sideline gas

28 February

Easing cost-of-living pressures and generating thousands of sustainable jobs could flow from a plan to harness the Northern Territory’s abundant sunshine. Independent economic modelling to be released on Tuesday rejects a federal and NT government...[Read More]

Hydrogen hub deal worth $140m finalised for Pilbara

21 February

The federal and Western Australian governments have finalised a $140 million deal to build a hydrogen production and export facility in the Pilbara. Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen says the hub has the potential to become an...[Read More]

Townsville tapped to turn farm waste into jet fuel

14 February

Farms in North Queensland could provide the key to reducing plane pollution after companies revealed plans to turn agricultural waste into jet fuel in a Townsville facility. Jet Zero Australia announced it had signed a deal with US biofuel firm...[Read More]

Choice at the heart of new fuel standards for motorists

8 February

Australians will have more options for cleaner and cheaper cars under a proposal that will align the nation with most other major economies. Fuel efficiency standards unveiled at the weekend are expected to save new car owners about $1000 a year...[Read More]

Powering regions with ‘clean, green Aussie-made steel’

31 January

Australia could become the “global epicentre” for low-carbon iron and steel, sparked by $200 million to future-proof regional steelworks. Cleaning up one of the most emissions-intensive industries, the first round of spending under the federal...[Read More]

Flooded farmers keep afloat with regenerative methods

24 January

Drenching rain through Victoria in January has left some farmers swamped but regenerative farming techniques have helped others keep their heads above water. By mid-January, James and Donna Winter-Irving’s farm at Nagambie, 130km north of...[Read More]

Immediate climate threat on agenda at elite gathering

18 January

The world’s elite have made the annual trek to a glittering ski resort to mull war and peace, climate change and the future of work amid the rise of artificial intelligence. While critics dismiss the annual World Economic Forum in Davos,...[Read More]

NT accelerates giga-scale green hydrogen production hub

10 January

Giga-scale renewable energy and green hydrogen production will be fast-tracked in the Northern Territory at a contentious precinct in Darwin. The NT government has awarded major project status to French oil giant TotalEnergies’ green hydrogen...[Read More]

State bans commercial logging of native forests

3 January

The end of unsustainable commercial logging in Western Australia could save almost 20,000 square kilometres of forest, the state government says. Chopping down native karri, jarrah and wandoo hardwood in the state’s southwest and selling it is...[Read More]

The types, pros and cons of Ethical Investing

28 December

Ethical investing has been gaining prominence over the last few decades. Find out what makes it an attractive investment strategy in this post.   The investment technique known as ethical investing prioritises the investor’s moral, religious and...[Read More]

Google links solar farm deal to help big data go green

20 December

A business-critical data centre specialist and a global renewable energy provider are teaming up with tech giant Google to build new generation capacity in Australia’s energy grid. Data centre firm AirTrunk, Swedish energy giant OX2 and Google on...[Read More]

‘Crucial’ research funding to end plastics, cut methane

13 December

Two new research centres will share $127 million to eliminate plastic waste and slash toxic emissions from livestock in a bid to avoid failure on climate targets. “There are very few challenges more crucial than achieving net zero emissions and...[Read More]

Clean energy superpower status remains work in progress

13 December

Extra billions have been committed to “renewable superpower” status in a federal budget update as Australia tries to keep its climate commitments and control rising power bills. The update released by Treasurer Jim Chalmers on Wednesday said the...[Read More]

Community groups power the switch to renewable energy

6 December

Australia’s community groups produced enough renewable energy in a year to power 2800 households or remove the equivalent of 7700 cars from the roads, a study has revealed. The Community Energy Collective Impact report, released on Wednesday, also...[Read More]

Government taps private investors for net zero, defence

6 December

The federal government has pledged to look at ways to leverage $2.5 trillion in capital from superannuation funds and big banks for clean energy, defence and social spending. Treasurer Jim Chalmers hosted a roundtable with executives in Canberra on...[Read More]